12.5. 2017: The lovely guys from Art Major Session in Budapest made a Video from our Jeff Buckley Cover "Dream Brother". Hope you like it!:

19.1. 2017: The year 2017 started off great with 2 fantastic shows at the fully packed Porgy&Bess/ Vienna and the fully packed Bix Jazzclub/ Stuttgart. Here is a photo from one of the shows (photo by Thomas Lieser):

15.12. 2016: A year ago I played a show in the southern part of Italy, in a beautiful old theatre in Foggia.

Now there is a video to one of my songs:

19. 8. 2016: Two weeks ago we played for the first time in Bulgaria.

3000 people showed up. Loved it!

29.7.2016: I hope you are enjoying the summer! I'm playing at some Jazzfestivals during the next weeks and months, in Bulgaria, Morocco, etc. Make sure to come if one happens to be in your vicinity! Best Regards, Susana

15.6. 2016: Shows coming up this month, in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Click here for the dates!  Looking forward!

See you there, Susana